Cross Dressing & Transformation: What To Expect

Cross Dressing & Transformation: What To Expect

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Cross Dressing & Transformation:  What to Expect


If you are looking for the ultimate full transformation or cross dressing session here is an overview of the highlights from start to finish.

The two questions I ask on our initial phone call is
1. Is intimacy a part of your expectations and
2. How much money are you offering for the amount of fun you want to have?  The more you offer the more time we have.

Once an upper limit ($) is set, I usually suggest to bring more as cross dressers will always want more time, I give more time than we agree to but tipping goes a long way.

I recommend at least a 2-4 hour session but it is quite common for CD’s offer $600 to $1000 or more for the full Monty. 

Believe me I am working every min to give you as much as I can. Happy ladies always say they got far more than they were expecting.

My cross dressing session are packed full of fantastic things above an beyond most service out there including intimacy, lessons on posture, standing, walking and detectable “man traits”. Selection of new and gently worn wigs, full torso breast forms, realistic female masks, clothes, shoes, make up most of which are for sale.

When you arrive, we will start with a sit down chat about what you want and what really is important.  These can including lifestyle, going out, weekend or occasional fetish, escorting consideration, coming out to wife or job etc.  I have a specialized psychology degree and can go beyond your form but we can discuss what is going on inside your head.

 As far as the actual hands on, we will discuss how much time you would like to spend on each segment as there is a lot of pieces to your puzzle and the time we allocate to your most important expectations.

Reviewing your best look with photos of what you look like with actual results you have achieved and what you want to look like with pics of models or other CD’s, is a good benchmark. 

I recommend you bring your fav things which you will spread out for me as this will tell me what we need. However, I will have most of what I feel will be essentials already out for you.

Make up lesson and application is a slower more detailed process but achieves the biggest results.  We can do straight application or lessons with application where I show you what products to use and how they are applied.  Often CD’s will go out in one day and spend over $600-$1k or more on the WRONG makeup.

Building foundations for maximum effect will include full breast forms, bras, tummy clincher’s / corsets, hip pads, hose, power dresses, & wigs.  I have a hug wardrobe including fetish, uniform and costumes most of which are for sale.

Without shoes we will go to my gym room for posture, standing, walking, sitting, arm/hand movement. girl swing and the differences between men and women with all of these.

If you choose, we will do a photo shoot with your camera/phone and/or mine. Discretion is assured if I use my phone and preferred as I will send you the edited best. I am very thorough and particular on getting lots of good shots.

Then, I you want intimate play, before / during or after but as a rule once you are all dolled and you get turned on by your amazing girl results. You will get very horny I promise,

I of course will be working very thoroughly throughout this time and the time will fly trust me.  But you will feel like you have been on a roller coaster. It will take you a long time post session to process everything we did.  Yes it is ok to call me after.

Try my transformation cross dressing service!  It is my best and one of my favorite service I do. I guarantee you will walk out very happy.

Oh yes you can come drag or drab, and leave partially of fully dressing as my neighbors and landlord/management know I provide cross dressing services.  My neighbors on my floor will looooove you!

Hope this gives you a good idea of what you are in for.

Long Distance Lover? Live WebCam ChatCam & Dee’sLiveViewer

Long Distance Lover? Live WebCam ChatCam & Dee’sLiveViewer

Long Distance Lover:  Live, Livestreaming,  WebCam SexCam, FootCam, PhoneSex;  if you can’t be with me in person, enjoy the next best thing!

You can use ChatCam, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or my “Dee’s Live Viewer”, Livestreaming, Zoom.

Ahh, the wonders of the internet. You don’t even need to be in the same room to play with someone anymore. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more clients long distance. For those who live far from Toronto it can be a way to connect with me even though they can’t be here.

Let me talk dirty to you. Make me pose and play with myself. Tell me how to dress and what to do. Listen to me moan as we jerk off together, l or cry out as I fuck myself with toys. Anything you can imagine.

It’s convenient, too! Who doesn’t want to fool around with a sexy t-girl without ever leaving the comfort of their own bedroom? No need to worry about how to get across downtown in busy week-day traffic just pick up your phone and enjoy a VIP erotic experience anytime, anywhere.

My rates for long distance are cheaper, too – typically between $60 and $100 for phone sex or webcam services, perfect for a sexy quickie that won’t break the bank!

I am available anytime nine to nine, just like in-person appointments, and just like with regular appointments, it pays to book advance to be sure of getting the slot you want!

Have a look on the “LIVE” tab for complete details…

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Followup – Why Do You Want to See an Escort?

A couple of weeks ago, I published an blog post encouraging you, my amazing customers, to reflect on what really motivates you to see an escort. And boy did you!
What interested me was how many people started the conversation with “I don’t know.” It was clear they’d never thought about it before but now that I was pushing them to, they were intrigued.
We talked, and I would make suggestions, and sometimes they would nod and say ‘yeah, maybe’.
Some just liked that I was uninhibited of course, and felt like being with a trans woman was a walk on the wild side. Some of them liked the idea of being used since they themselves had trouble performing for a woman; at least with me they can still have a good time. A lot of them were missing something in their existing relationships.
The things that held them back were similar. Some were nervous that being with me might show them what they were missing out on. Some agreed with my idea in that post that they might be hesitating out of fear of labels.  Others weren’t so sure. For some they felt like being with an escort they might be judged or it might prove the inadequacies that until then were only fears.
Amusingly, when I play with couples the female almost always enjoys seeing their male partner suck my cock, yet the men are always nervous about what she’ll think of them.
All in all it was an educational experience. I am really grateful to all of you who responded.
All I can say in conclusion is reiterate my point at the time: don’t let judgements, taboos or labels keep you from having an awesome experience. Life is too short to be held back by our fears & insecurities!