Escort:  Dee’s Dick

Escort: Dee’s Dick

Escort: Dee’s Dick

Dee’s Dick

“If life was a bowl of fruit, it’s ok to have a banana once in a while…it doesn’t mean you’re a banana!” Just because you may want to explore a penis for the first time or exploring it occasionally does not make you gay. It has been done since Adam was created
You have a penis and love to play/masterbate with it every day. If you could suck your own you would! So the idea of sucking a girl cock makes the lines of taboo blurred. No one every told you about “the rules” for sucking a women’s cock. Leave your guilt at church (respectfully), and live in the reality of living life to the fullest with all the beauty of discovering what life has to offer.

My girl cock is extra special…. I love to have it bound, stroked, fondled and sucked. You’ve never had a girl cock like mine. In terms of size, I am bigger than average and cut but every size and variation is welcome through my door. I am a pleaser, I want you to enjoy your girl cock experience with me as much as I’ll love being played with. Your size, your girth, your performance and your cum load do not determine the amount of pleasure I get from playing with you.

Taking that first step of wanting to play with a shemale can be scary and somewhat daunting but have no fear. First timers are more than welcome, and we can go as slow as you want. I take great pleasure in leading you down the glorious path of girl cock and can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Various Scenarios

You may be wondering about how I am going to take you down the path of experiencing Dee’s Dick. Some may only be willing to explore a trans women cock by imagining and believing that this is a girl dick or a women’s cock. Some of you may just want to see, touch or explore. Some may have the fantasy of being with a date they met at a bar and when they get home pleasantly discovering “her snake”. Some men love their Aunty Dee who teases her favorite nephew by sitting across from him reading and exposing her women cock enough to have her nephew go crazy with excitement and want to suck her cock. I have others who love being forced to suck dick, fantasizing you are my husband/neighbor/date/trans-boss into forced oral. These are just a few of the scenes I have done, maybe you have a fantasy you may want to share or explore today with me? Come over and meet my pet snake you will lover “her”!

Escort:  Why see a trans escort?

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Escort: Why see a trans escort?

Followup – Why Do You Want to See an Escort?

A couple of weeks ago, I published an blog post encouraging you, my amazing customers, to reflect on what really motivates you to see an escort. And boy did you!
What interested me was how many people started the conversation with “I don’t know.” It was clear they’d never thought about it before but now that I was pushing them to, they were intrigued.
We talked, and I would make suggestions, and sometimes they would nod and say ‘yeah, maybe’.
Some just liked that I was uninhibited of course, and felt like being with a trans woman was a walk on the wild side. Some of them liked the idea of being used since they themselves had trouble performing for a woman; at least with me they can still have a good time. A lot of them were missing something in their existing relationships.
The things that held them back were similar. Some were nervous that being with me might show them what they were missing out on. Some agreed with my idea in that post that they might be hesitating out of fear of labels.  Others weren’t so sure. For some they felt like being with an escort they might be judged or it might prove the inadequacies that until then were only fears.
Amusingly, when I play with couples the female almost always enjoys seeing their male partner suck my cock, yet the men are always nervous about what she’ll think of them.
All in all it was an educational experience. I am really grateful to all of you who responded.
All I can say in conclusion is reiterate my point at the time: don’t let judgements, taboos or labels keep you from having an awesome experience. Life is too short to be held back by our fears & insecurities!

Fantasy:  My Pottie Chair Throne

Fantasy: My Pottie Chair Throne

Fantasy: My Pottie Chair Throne

For those who want to truly worship me, front and back, my most unseen place, my rosebud, my asshole, there’s no better way for them to do so than using my “throne”. One lucky man got to see me from above!  Let me tell you about it…

Sinfully Exposed
Crouched down atop the chair, my cock, balls, and rosebud are completely exposed, impossible for the man below me to escape. I can feel the air caress me skin. And I am in a perfect position to enjoy his hands and mouth. I am always perfectly clean and douched, of course, and I insist he pleasure every inch of me outside and inside.
To help my lover please me fully I use a suction device to help my sphincter muscle actually produce a little ways – just far enough for him to truly wrap his lips around it.
Anal play is wonderful, of course, but a girl has other needs too, and my lover does not disappoint. He strokes me, firm and slow, with skilled hands, and takes my balls in his mouth, building me up slowly. I love it when a man takes his time to please me properly.

Riding the Edge
Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy a good orgasm, but that kind of happy ending is hardly the only one. I love being kept on edge – being teased and pleasured for hours, sometimes, as I squirm and relax and enjoy your ministrations. Sometimes I prefer not to cum at all -it can be fun staying horny and squirming for the next guy

Teaching You to Worship Me
Have you never taken the time to truly and thoroughly worship a trans girl before? I can teach you.

Escort:  The “Hi” Guy

Escort: The “Hi” Guy

Escort: The “Hi” Guy

Think, before you text me “Hi”! 

With the rise of social media, and texting, I and other providers have found a certain type of booking request has become more and more prevalent. I call them “the Hi guys”. They are the men who open a conversation with a provider simply with “Hi” and no other information. What does that even mean?
The problem is that “Hi” gives me nothing to work with. What do you want? What are you offering to pay for it? Any limits I should know? At least give me a name!
I know that some men are nervous. And I know that frankly, some guys are just texting a dozen providers a minute seeing who answers first. It’s the 21st century, stuff moves fast, and I get that. But I like clients to give me some indication of what they’re looking for in the session!
In honor of these pithy would-be customers, here is a brief list of things that goes through my head when I see the message “hi” from a new client, and nothing else:

• Is that your current state of consciousness?
• Would you like it to be?
• Are you curious how to get there?
• Are you offering to help me get there?
• Now that it’s legal, do i really need to have a weed guy anymore?
• Perhaps those are just your initials?
• Is that an acronym (they’re always coming up with new ones in this business)?
• Did you get in a car accident before you could finish your text?
• Where do I send the flowers?
• Don’t text and drive!
• Is this the full extent of what you need to say to me at this moment?
• Is English, perhaps, a language you have trouble with?

What do I want, then? Surely I don’t expect clients to write me a novel? No, of course not! All I expect is a simple, direct indication of what kinds of activity you’re looking for, what time, and a price range if we haven’t spoken before about my rates. Simple, and to the point!

VIP Escort:  I Love What I Do!

VIP Escort: I Love What I Do!

VIP Escort: I Love What I Do!


Escort VIP: I Love What I Do!  

Recently I’ve begun promoting my services more aggressively on my site.  Since I did, I’ve gotten messages from a number of guys who were surprised to see my ad again, because they thought I had retired… Really?  A Google search for “TSDee” or “Shemale Escort Toronto” or 416 SHE MALE same as 416 743 6253 should get you to me. 
I love what I do here. I love my clients. And I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! But I did slow down for a little bit, and there’s a simple reason for that: this job can be stressful!

A Day in the Life
I get up every morning at 7am and my day starts with reviewing the texts, emails, and voice messages left for me over night while I slept. In total I answer over 300 individual texts and other messages throughout the course of an average day when I am advertising heavily. Many of those messages will be from people who are either complete time wasters, or are offering so little money its insulting, but the only way to know that is to interact with them since many of them only introduce themselves with one quick “hi” and no further information, sot hat takes time.
I start appointments at 9, though on most days my first client is more like 11. I am seeing clients on and off all the way into the evening on most days, and in between getting ready for, and recovering after each one, I need to find time to check my phone and respond to the furhter calls and messages that are coming in.
This is something many don’t understand about sexwork. The actual sex is a maybe 20 percent of an escort’s time. There’s another 10-30 percent taken up by preparing for meeting clients, making sure the space is ready, and so on. The rest is all marketing and talking to people.
In between there I try to find time to eat a healthy meal or two do some yoga, jogging, or other exercise, and generally attend to my health (it’s important to me to take care of myself both for the sake of my appearance, and for my health). I also have to find time to keep up with matters from my private life, whether that’s scheduling appointments, talking to family, or just buying groceries.
And unlike most jobs there are no weekends in this one. I can post a schedule that says “off on Sunday” but i guarantee that won’t stop some clients from writing to ask about it anyway.

Escort:  The Oldest Profession Yesterdays Whores

Escort: The Oldest Profession Yesterdays Whores

Escort: The Oldest Profession Yesterdays Whores

The Oldest Profession Yesterday’s Whores – When Sex Work was Just Work 


These days working girls have it hard.  I occupy a position of relative privilege as a VIP Escort.  My clients find me online and book with me by phone – no walking the streets in a short skirt hoping to be picked up by someone who’ll pay promptly and respect my limits.  It’s a safer, more dignified way of doing things than some of my fellow providers endure.

But even I have to deal with constant harassment from boys who find entertainment in wasting a sex worker’s time or sending her rude messages.  Also, with outright  threats from people who are miffed when i won’t compromise on my limits.  And like every sex worker I live under the constant low level fear of criminal prosecution because the government feels it’s appropriate to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body.

This just hasn’t always been true!  Throughout much if history providers were simply a part of society.  Today is the first installment in a new series of occasional blog posts looking back on how past societies have regarded sex work.  Today’s society in question: Ancient Rome!