Escort: Helping Bi Curious Guys

Escort: Helping Bi Curious Guys

Escort: Helping Bi Curious Guys

Helping Bi Curious Guys Explore their Sexualities


Let’s face it, cocks are magnificent. Did you ever have naughty day dreams about others boys – the kind you wouldn’t have wanted your friends to know? What would it feel like? what would it look like? You KNOW it feels good having YOUR cock sucked, but what does it really feel like to suck one yourself?

Wouldn’t you like to finally find out?

How about if it were attached to a woman? Big tits. Full hips. Long blonde hair. Feel my lips wrapped around your cock, and experience what it’s like to suck mine for the first time.

I love helping people explore their sexuality and I especially love being a guy’s very first cock and seeing the look in their eyes when they realize how much they like it. Come experiment with an experienced, skilled trans woman.


Fetish PantyHose: PantyHose Pervert Makes Dee Tea!

Fetish PantyHose: PantyHose Pervert Makes Dee Tea!

Fetish PantyHose: PantyHose Pervert Makes Dee Tea!

Paige 254

Pantyhose Pervert’s Dee Tea

My Pantyhose Pervert (self proclaimed), is a man who lives in the US. He loves my pantyhose. In fact OBSESSED and I love it! He loves to worship, sniff, suck and chew on them. He wears them on his raging “cock-of-mine” as “Dee cock condoms”.

I send them to him with soiled soles, quite nasty really, with runs, holes and my cum on them. I get him to I wear them around, for long periods of time. even to work under is pants. I even get him to use other hose to bind his cock and balls while encasing his cock in the foot part of another pair. I am his lifetime stinky pantyhose producing Queen/slut/future wifey!

Here is what he says…
“I am Dee’s Pantyhose Pervert, I love pantyhose and even better well worn, naturally scented, naturally soiled, the smellier & dirtier the better! Dee has been cooking up dirty pantyhose by wearing them night and day and even to bed for days.

“When they are really nasty she sends several pairs of hose, nylons, cropped hose into stockings or nasty socks and occasionally well worn pantyhose cut into nasty panties. The nylon captures al her sweat and natural body scent. mmmmmm

“Sometimes I wear the panties around the house as pantyhose face masks with the dirty crotch as the place to breath thru….Oh my God!

” I crave her “hose foot stinky”. I want her smelly foot aroma on my face and cock always. It is intoxicating and I love to get drunk with her scent. I even send videos, picture and pantyhose payments as proof of my commitment.

“Dee works out in them, sleeps in them, fucks in them. Gets them filthy. I then enjoy the taste of my pantyhose foot slut, chewing on the toe prints in the reinforced toes, just like chewing tobacco.

“After many times of wear, she mails a baggy full of them most still ripe from her last fuck sessions she asked me to make Dee Tee (DeeTea). A good flavorful batch of Dee Tea depends on how many days brewed, how dirty and what type or color of pantyhose too. She tells me to heat up a small cup then savor’s the flavor while maserbating to her pics.

“Either way I’m gloved with her warm, wet, dirty, yummy pantyhose foot section on her-cock-of-mine with a bottle of Dee Tea is always close by waiting for instructions from her. I video all this then all I do is press record and send.

“When she sends me the most recent pics of wearing well worn pantyhose, she tells me I will be getting the exact pairs she is wearing soon, so I use some of the pics on my phone as wallpaper. This is a constant reminder I am owned by my pantyhose Foot Queen/slut/future wifey!


My US Pantyhose Pervert is my number 1. However, I am seriously looking for a local Toronto PantyHose Perverts like him. Not necessarily doing all of what he does but I know there are lots of you out there who are obsessed by pantyhose, so we can be as creative and nasty as you want to be. All of you will be training me to be the best future pantyhose wife on the planet and one lucky guy out here will own me for life!…hehehe There will be lots of benefits and privileges so call me if your want to prove your skill, kink and devotion!


Fetish: Foot lover handcuffs me then FUCKS me!

Fetish: Foot lover handcuffs me then FUCKS me!

Fetish: Foot lover handcuffs me then FUCKS me! Pink Yoga Pants Pink Corset IMG 2347

message from a customer…

…”You are in your nighty. Your bare feet are soiled and smelly and mine! I handcuff you behind your back. You struggle as I remove your bra. Your tits are mine as I squeeze your nipples. I reach around to fondle your erect shecock. It becomes hard as I squeeze your swollen member womenhood. I lye you down lick the soles of your feet as you moan with pleasure for hour to tease and enjoy my sent and flavor. I love the wrinkled soles and natural soled and scented. You are totally helpless as I suck your bound engorged women cock purple and shinny hard. I run my tongue between your toes and the balls of your feet. I lick your rosebud and balls before I enter you . My balls are swollen with cum as I pound you with my cock. I can’t hold it back any longer as I explode in my lover’s pussy…. Happening TODAY!!!!” Dino D

Role Play: French Maid Position Available

Role Play: French Maid Position Available

Role Play: French Maid Position Available Maid IMG 0058Edited
Session Inquiry

Hi Dee


I have a fantasy I hope you could help with. I’m coming to see you for an interview for an accountant job at your maid service company. When I arrive, I’m greeted by a large breasted TS French maid employed by you. I let her know I’m here for an interview and she leads me to you. As she leaves, I’m staring at her ass. You get my attention and ask if I like what I see. I reply that I do and you lead me to a room and ask me to wait while you go get a few things. In the room, I notice a slutty French maid outfit hanging up and a pair of black 6″ platform heels.


As I’m inspecting these items, you come in the room. You notice me, but don’t address my interest in the clothing. You ask me to have a seat at the desk and we begin the interview. You first ask casually what position I’m here for. When I say the accountant role, you tell me that position has been filled. You recognize I made all the effort to come in for this, so you say you’ll see what you can do to find a position for me.


As you look through your computer, you pause for a moment, look at me, then the maid outfit, back at me and let me know there is one position that’s open and pays triple what the accountant job was, but you’re not sure I’d want it. Ecstatically, I reply I’d gladly accept this role for that kind of money. You devilishly say that you thought I’d agree to that, so you get up and bring me over to the maid outfit and let me know that I’m going to be your newest maid. Shocked, I try to back out, but you remind me of the money.


I succumb and accept the offer not really knowing what the full extent of the uniform would be. You tell me that your clients expect the best looking gurls and that my male body just won’t do. You go and retrieve the full torso breast forms in the largest cup size available (I’m hoping for F or G at a minimum), hip pads and a waist clincher. After getting me into them, you need to apply makeup. It will be heavy, but seductive in nature with long false lashes. When thinking of what wig to get me, you say that there are no blondes on your team and they are often requested, so you apply a long platinum blonde wig. A perfect manicure is necessary, so you apply long false nails. I get into the uniform and roll up a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings.


Finally, I step into the incredibly high set of heels. Once dressed, you need to make sure I’m trained for everything as calls have already been coming in for the new blonde maid that you “somehow” had already been advertising. This is when you let me know that the maid uniform is simply just a fetish and no cleaning is necessary, only to pleasure the client.


This is when you ask the maid who let me in to join us (if more TS are available, I’m happy to entertain a group). You let me know that she was once like me too, but after earning all the money, went out and bought a real pair of tits and has completely moved on from her previous life as a boy. You let me know that in no time I’ll be doing the same thing.


But first things first. I need to learn to pleasure the clients, so you call the girl(s) over and instruct me to kiss her. We DFK and it gets me aroused. Noticing this, you tell me that I can’t get aroused making out with the clients so now I have to drop to my knees. You tell me to look under her uniform and to pull out her cock. I do and stare at it. You tell me to kiss it, I do. You tell me to hold it and I do. Next, you tell me to open my mouth, stick the cock in and begin sucking. I start doing this and stroking at the same time.


Getting aroused yourself, you approach me and lift your skirt letting your cock out to slap me on my face. I grab it and take it in my mouth. Once both (or all) of you are ready to cum, you stop and let me know there is one more thing. Your clients expect your gurls to take large loads on their faces, so then you both (all) unload and cover my face.


After seeing me, you let me know I’m ready and my first client is on his way to pick me up…


Escort: I will drink white wine ORALLY & ANALLY!

Escort: I will drink white wine ORALLY & ANALLY!

Escort: I will drink white wine ORALLY & ANALLY! White Wine Anally & Fucked IMG 1430

I Seldom Drink, But We Can Still Share a Glass of Wine

It’s no secret that I love anal play, and I am not exactly a vanilla girl. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite and naughtiest fetishes – combing an enema with a nice glass of wine!

Erotic Enemas
There’s something so satisfying about the feeling of being filled fuller than what any toy or cock can manage. A good enema builds a delicious pressure that grow and grows, almost painfully, until it ends with a feeling of glorious, final release. For an anal play aficionado like me, the sensation of hot water filling you up and then discharging is a deeply erotic sensation. A good enema release is almost orgasmic, leaving me empty and satisfied.
I actually douche 2-3 times a day regardless of customers. It leaves me feeling fresh, and un-bloated. Hygiene is very important to me, both in my customers and in myself and i love feeling clean, especially back there.

Douching with Wine
I seldom drink with my clients, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ‘share a glass’. One of my favorite kinky forms of anal play is to have a man bring over a bottle of nice white wine (red tends to stain) and douche it up into me.
By absorbing directly through the anal walls it gets one tipsy much faster than simply drinking it! But that’s only part of the thrill.
Once it’s been up there for a while, I can expel it back at my lover, giving him a mouthful of wine straight from my asshole (fanatically cleaned, of course, ahead of time)! For some there’s no more erotic and personal humiliation and bathroom play experience than drinking from my personal wine cellar.
For a submissive, fastening their lips around my ass and getting ready for a mouthful reminds them of their place reminds them of their place like few things can. For someone who’s fetish is purely for bathroom play it’s a unique fantasy – something far different from the usual piss-play fare.